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nginx.conf 2019

NGINX Conf 2019

Join us in Seattle, WA, September 9-12, 2019.

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Interested in speaking at NGINX Conf 2019? Share your story of how you’re using NGINX and NGINX Plus to build and deliver modern applications to your customers -- achieving performance, scale, continuous deployment, elasticity, or just a happier, more productive dev team!

Our theme this year is Level Up Your Apps and APIs – tell us how you envision using NGINX with tomorrow's applications, or check out the suggested topics below for inspiration on the types of talks we’re looking for.

Suggested Topics:

Theme: NGINX for Builders -- Hands-on insights for developers, IT ops, and DevOps

Theme: NGINX for Designers -- Strategy and trends for architects and IT leaders.

Submission Guidelines:

The conference draws a wide range of developers, sysadmins, DevOps practitioners, IT managers, and other technology leaders with all levels of expertise, so we're looking for a variety of topics to appeal to different audiences. The goal always is to offer the most compelling content and provide practical information for our attendees. Keep this in mind when you’re submitting:

Selection Process & Requirements:

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We look forward to hearing what you’d like to share with the NGINX community!